How to maintain your patio furniture

Patio furniture otherwise known as outdoor furniture can be a great way to define your outdoor living space. With the help of patio furniture, you can either have a party or have a private meeting.  or spend a lonely time in your outdoor patio space. There’s almost no limit to what you can do or the level of comfort you can get from having a patio furniture.

In as much as having a patio furniture can be a great idea for your patio space, it is also important that you know how to maintain your patio furniture and take good care of them. Regardless of the quality of your outdoor furniture, poor maintenance can wear-off your patio furniture and make them look old quickly. In some cases, your outdoor furniture gets to damage quickly when not properly maintained.

It would definitely not be a thing of joy if after searching for the best patio furniture and spending money to acquire it and then you get to dispose in a short while. But for many persons who do not know how to maintain their garden furniture, this is most likely a familiar experience. But you don’t want to experience such for sure! It can be quite annoying.

Knowing how to take care of your patio furniture would help you enjoy your outdoor living space more, and that is why we wrote this article. The big question now is how do you take care of your patio?

There are 2 main ways to take care of your patio furniture and maintain them to last long and they are:

  1. By Cleaning properly
  2. By Storing/Covering them properly

Cleaning properly

A lot of persons would claim that they cleaned their outdoor furniture and yet it lost its attractiveness and new look within a short while. Well, I would disagree with that. But in most cases, we clean our patio furniture the wrong way. It is one thing to clean your patio furniture, and it is another thing to clean it “properly”.  Proper cleaning of your patio furniture can make the difference.

Sometimes we go too harsh on our outdoor furniture when cleaning it and it is wrong. Washing your garden furniture thoroughly and using hard cleaning agents such as bleaches to wash your outdoor furniture can be bad. It is generally advisable you wash your furniture once in a month, and with light furniture cleaners. Using a recommended patio furniture cleaner on outdoor furniture stain can be helpful.

Every type of patio furniture requires a different way to clean it. Although, it is important to wipe off any corrosive dirt or substance on your patio furniture as soon as you see them.

How to clean a Plastic Furniture

Cleaning a piece of plastic patio furniture can be as simple as this:

First, wash away the upper layer of dirt with water. Then you get a gallon of warm water and add ¼ cup of mild dish-washing liquid or gentle detergent. Now use a soft-bristle brush or sponge to scrub the furniture gently. After this, allow the furniture to dry.

How to clean a Metal Furniture

As for metal patio furniture, it is first important to note that, most furniture has a rust-resistant coating and this is because metal furniture is made of iron, steel, or aluminum. But in case your outdoor metal furniture has rust or mold, make use of fine-grit sandpaper to take it off. After which you can wipe with soapy water.

For corrosive dirt such as bird droppings, it is necessary you wash them off as soon as you notice it. First, wash it with soapy water, then make use of naval jelly or paste wax on the metal furniture in other to avoid corrosion and rusting.

How to clean a Wooden/Teak Furniture

Making use of wood for outdoor furniture can be a cool idea, but doesn’t require tough cleaning. Patio wooden furniture requires more attention and care, unlike patio plastic furniture.

In case your wooden patio furniture is been coated with exterior-grade varnish, you can clean it with soapy water mixed with outdoor furniture oil.

Also, when it comes to softwoods such as cedar, you can scrub out the dirt in the direction of the wood grain. Then you clean the furniture with a wet rag and dry with a towel. For some outdoor wooden furniture, you would have to do some oil coating on it after washing (first check the wooden furniture manufacturer).

Dirt, grime and bird droppings on outdoor teak furniture can lead to quick mildew growth. All you need to do for a piece of teak furniture is to scrub the area with soapy water. You don’t use oil for teak furniture as the oil can trap moisture in the wood and lead to mold growth.

How to clean a Wicker Furniture

When buying a patio wicker furniture, it is important to know if it is a piece of natural or synthetic wicker furniture. These 2 types of outdoor wicker furniture have different ways of cleaning them. Natural wicker furniture can easily break and get damaged, and it is advised to only wash it two times a year.

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When cleaning a piece of natural wicker furniture, mix a gallon of water and a little gentle soap. Then soak a cloth with the mixture and scrub the furniture gently. After that, rinse the furniture with clean water, and dry immediately.

As for synthetic wicker furniture, they are stronger than the natural wicker furniture. They have UV and weather-resistant coatings. When dirty, you can wash this patio furniture by scrubbing with a mixture of gentle soap and water. After washing, make sure you dry with a towel.

How to clean a Fabric Furniture and Cushions

Fabric furniture and cushions require a different type of care. Outdoor fabrics might seem to be durable, but that does not mean you can wash it anyhow and anytime you want to. It is advisable that before washing the fabric or cushion, first test the solution in a hidden area.

After washing the fabric, make sure it gets dry before packing them. Also, make sure you do not machine-wash your pillows and cushions unless stated by the manufacturer. Although you can machine-wash chair cloths and hammocks by making use of a mild cycle.

Storing/Covering them properly

It is one thing to clean your outdoor patio furniture and it is another thing to store them properly. Storing and covering your outdoor furniture the right way, protects them against harsh weather and in some cases animals/pests. For instance, if you cover your patio furniture that is made of wood or teak, you prevent bird droppings from causing any havoc. Also, you don’t want to be away from home and begin to feel worried about your wooden outdoor furniture when it starts raining. So it is better to be prepared before these havocs spoil your outdoor furniture and investment.

Ways to protect your outdoor furniture by storing/covering them

Basically, there are 2 ways to prevent these havocs from spoiling your patio furniture. They are by either covering the furniture or by storing them in an enclosed area. Whichever way, providing shelter for your patio furniture in most cases can come in handy. Building a shelter in your patio can do the job of a storage area to a far extent. What you need the shelter for is to protect the furniture against sunny or rainy or snowing weather. The protection which a shelter provides is almost the same as that of a storage area. It is left for you to make your choice.

You wonder, “but my furniture manufacturer stated that the furniture can withstand any weather”. Well, they are not lying. But in other to make your furniture last longer, protecting them against harsh weather conditions becomes important. A perfect explanation for this is when you get 2 synthetic resin patio furniture, and expect them to stay for long the same time, whereas you cover one and leave the other exposed to direct sunlight. They might both stay for long, but the one that is always covered when not in use would definitely last longer. While the other one would first lose its color before the other, and would most probably spoil first.

There are several outdoor furniture covers to choose from. Regardless of your furniture size and width, there is a cover for it.

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DO’s and DON’T’s When Maintaining an Outdoor Furniture

Having known how to clean the different types of patio furniture, here are the DO’s and DON’T’s of maintaining outdoor furniture.


  • Always clean and wash off every grim and dirt, especially bird droppings, as soon as you see them.
  • Always cover your outdoor furniture and garden furniture when you are not using them.
  • Always try to keep your garden furniture dry.


  • Don’t place your patio wooden furniture on a grass surface. What you might not know is that the moisture from the ground can rot the wood over time.
  • Don’t leave fabrics and cushions outside
  • Don’t make use of harsh and corrosive detergents or soap for washing/cleaning your patio furniture.
  • Don’t wash your outdoor furniture always or after every use. Depending on the furniture, you can wash it once in a month or once in 2 or 3 months. This would help retain the newness.

Basically, all your outdoor patio furniture need is caring to survive and serve you for long. Knowing when to clean it, how to clean it, and how to protect it against harsh weather is key. By doing so, you would get more value for your money spent and you would enjoy your outdoor living space more!

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