How to plan your patio: Things to consider

An outdoor patio provides you with comfort, relaxation, and even entertainment. Also, an outdoor space can act as an agent of bonding for the family as it brings the family together. When structured properly, the patio can be more than just an outdoor space. There is no limit to the amount of fun and relaxation you can get from your outdoor space when you plan your patio.

Whether you are looking at erecting a patio in your yard, or you want to restructure an already built patio, there are certain factors that must be considered in other to get the best out of it. You need to plan your outdoor living space the right way in other to enjoy it better. When you create a good plan for your outdoor living space, you get yourself on the way to owning a beautiful and functional patio.

Planning for a functional and beautiful outdoor area goes beyond just considering the size and your budget. That is why you have this article to guide you on how to plan your patio.

Here are factors to consider:

The purpose of the Patio

The first question that you should answer when planning to set-up or renovate your patio and outdoor living space is, “why do I need this?”.

Being able to honestly answer this question get you on track. You would know why you need it and then have a better mental picture of what you want. I am sure you get this.

Some persons might just need a cool outdoor living space to relax during evening time and weekends. While some persons might need a place to have good family time. And some persons might need a place to entertain their guests. The list of needs an outdoor living space can meet goes on and on, and it is up to you to decide.

You might want to examine your intentions properly and then you would know why you need a functional patio. This particular factor is a major one to consider as it would affect almost every other factor.

Pick the right position

What part of your yard would accommodate what’s in your mind? Although, in most cases, the backyard is used for this purpose. When picking the right position for your patio, it is important that it is close to the house for easy accessibility.

Also, it would be an added advantage if there is a drainage system around the area you want to use for your patio. Getting the right position for your outdoor living area would help you create a better plan on how the patio would look.

On the other hand, you might have limited options when picking a position if you have a small yard.

Get the right size

So, you need to get the right size, or at least have an estimate for effective planning. Get to know the size that can contain what you want and find out if your yard can accommodate it. If it can’t, then you might want to take away some functionalities.

If for instance you plan on building a pool and dining by your patio and you discovered that your yard would not accommodate both, you can remove one from the plan. Just pick the most important.

What materials do you want?

The type of materials you would use in your outdoor patio would help determine what your patio would look like. There are several building materials to choose from and they are concrete, brick, natural stone, flagstone, and terrazzo.

It is vital to understand that an outdoor patio is like an extension of your house and should be built to complement the main building. So, choose materials that correspond to that of the house and the surrounding.

Details and Features

In other to make the most out of your outdoor patio, you need to consider some details and features. Amenities such as firepit, planters, flowers, fountains or a mini pool can brighten up your outdoor living space and make it more enjoyable.

All these details and features have their visual details and can help create a captivating landscape.

Plan your plantings

Definitely, you want to include friendly plants and flowers around your outdoor patio. But when not planned and done properly, it can make a mess out of your patio.

When planning how the plants are to be in your outdoor patio, the size and structure of the plant should be considered. Regardless of whether the plants are complex or simple, patio plantings improve the value of the time you spend in your patio.


By including a good shelter in your outdoor patio, you can get to enjoy your outdoor space any time you wish to. Having a shelter in your patio can help shield from weather conditions such as sun, rain, cold, wind and snow.

This shelter can also help prevent bad weather from damaging your outdoor patio furniture and gadgets. It is definitely important unless your outdoor living area is one you won’t be using very well.


Ability to maintain everything that would make up your patio is also an important factor to consider. If a material would cost above your budget to maintain, then don’t get it. Also, if you won’t have the time to maintain some of the materials in your outdoor space, then getting an alternative would be better.

This would help avoid unnecessary future cost, damages, and waste that might end up making your outdoor patio less functional.

Seating arrangement

The seating arrangement should also be considered. If you would include dining in your outdoor space, then it should be planed properly. It is also important to take note of the seat material and what they are made of.

There are different outdoor chairs to choose from. Spacing the seats for effectiveness is also necessary. For instance, you can arrange some seats by the grilling stand and some by the pool. It all depends on your choice.


This is the last factor to consider, and as the saying goes, “save the best for the last”. In this case, this is a very vital part of planning your new patio. Now that you know what you want in your patio and what you want it to be like, how about financing it?

After having a mental picture and a better understanding of why you need a functional outdoor living space, the next thing to look at is your wallet. Yes, Your wallet.

Do you have the money to fund the project in your head?

How much do you have to spare for this project?

Creating a realistic budget would help you know what you are going to get. Also, setting a budget would help limit the tendency to overspend.

Bonus tip: Draw a plan yourself

This is an additional factor to consider. It is secondary but quite helpful.

You can choose to pick up a pencil and draw on a piece of paper what you have in mind. It does not have to be a professional, it is just for you to know what you are planning to build.

The bottom line is to do enough research because it would help you. Remember that your outdoor living space would stay for long when built and its level of effectiveness and functionality can only be determined by you.


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